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Young Voices: We must deter smoking

deter smoking
Have you ever heard of smoking a pack of cigarettes and taking off three days of your life? Myth or fact, research has shown gruesome facts and pictures displaying what smoking can do to a person’s body.
Many people, including 20 percent of high school students, smoke cigarettes. Smoking has become one of the major reasons for illnesses and deaths in our nation. As many as 440,000 people die every year due to these problems. That outrageous number of deaths could potentially change with a few simple choices people make on whether or not they smoke deadly toxins or not. I believe it is a simple decision between life and death, and people should think before they take on the risks of tobacco.

In order to help regulate the use of cigarettes and tobacco, the Food and Drug Administration is fighting to put grotesque images on cigarette packages. The FDA hopes this will potentially scare people who already smoke or are thinking about experimenting with tobacco.

We need to take a step forward with the smoking problems in our nation and also other parts of the world and rid them of tobacco products. In the end, it will make people and kids healthier in the future and reduce the death tolls related to things we can control by just our decisions.

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