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What’s in E-Cigarettes? One Company Offers Testing Results

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Most people probably don’t know what’s in an electronic cigarette.
The information is out there: users of e-cigarettes often know what they’re vaporizing because they look up the ingredients list. Normally, it’s a varying solution of flavorings, nicotine and bases that create what’s called “e-liquid”. Yet there is still scrutiny towards the young industry because of a lack of regulation and testing standards.

Ecig Advanced, an electronic cigarette news and review website, reports on a new program by V2 Cigs where e-cigarette users can receive detailed testing results on what they are vaporizing in both content and purity.

According to the report, V2 Cigs customers can enter the batch number of the product purchased, whether it be in a bottle or in a cartridge (used to vaporize the liquid) and then receive the testing results for that batch. These results detail the ingredients, nicotine levels and purity of ingredients as tested.
Ecig Advanced writer Kevin Burke explains that while many companies in the electronic cigarette industry self-regulate and batch test their e-liquid, V2 Cigs is the first to offer their customers a copy of the testing report for each batch directly:

“In terms of quality standards and transparency for the e-cigarette industry, this is a huge step forward. It’s not that there’s a lack of transparency- many vendors offer up their ingredients list. And certainly batch testing isn’t a new thing for V2 Cigs and many other e-liquid producers. But for customers to be able to easily access this information for the product they have in hand is simply amazing. There’s nothing more assuring than a test report showing exactly what’s in your e-liquid.”

Perhaps more importantly, Burke seems to think that V2 Cigs’ new program could help the cause of e-cigarettes on the whole:
“Not only does this provide the customer with peace of mind and quality assurance, it also works to further legitimize electronic cigarettes in general, especially to those on the outside of the industry and community who know little about the product. And it’s a good probability that the future of e-cigarettes could likely be decided by people that know very little about them.”
The report explains that V2 Cigs has launched their batch testing program as one of many additions to the the company, coinciding with the launch of their new website.

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