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Weight Gain and Stress Due to Quitting Smoking

September 27th, 2010 Posted in Tobacco treaty Buy cheap cigarettes online Tags:

Quitting Smoking
Many smokers experience stress and weight gain when they quit. These are common after-effects of quitting smoking. These circumstances happen as the body deals with the absence of nicotine that it was used to having regularly before quitting took place. Weight gain cannot be prevented when smoking is completely stopped. Even if you don’t eat much nor do some exercise to avoid it, you still end up adding a few pounds. Cases also show that more women gain more weight than men once they cease smoking. This is why some smokers do not continue with quitting because they do not want to get fat. This should not be the case since studies have shown that the amount of weight gain due to quitting is just minimal. Their health is more endangered if they continue to smoke.
Stress is also one of the leading reasons why smokers go back to smoking. When a smoker stops smoking, he deprives his body of nicotine (the addictive substance found in cigarettes) which helped him deal with stress and unwanted feelings or emotions before he kissed smoking goodbye. In the absence of nicotine, he’s left with no choice but to deal with the stress on his own. It is important then that when smokers quit, they should develop new methods of handling stress.
Doctors suggest that physical activity helps in dealing with the after effects of quitting smoking. Exercise has been proven to be effective against stress and can help you lose weight. If you are not fond of doing exercise, try walking as your daily activity to keep you from smoking. Walking can reduce your stress and help tone your muscles and keeps you from thinking about cigarettes too. There are many instances where you can apply walking. Walking around shopping malls, taking the stairs instead of the elevator, walking with a friend at lunch breaks, or walking your dog every morning can all be forms of physical activity.

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