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Vapor King Electronic Cigarettes Introduce New Hybrid Cartridge Adapter

Vapor King Electronic Cigarettes
Vapor King Electronic Cigarettes is one of the most widely used and celebrated electronic cigarette lines on the market. By using only the highest quality and most cutting-edge technology in the industry, Vapor King’s electronic cigarette has been ranked as the highest in vapor production time and time again. Sister company Amerismoke electronic cigarettes is hands down the leader in e-liquid manufacturing quality and standards, sourcing all ingredients and rigorously testing all of their e-liquid right here in the USA. While both are high performing, top-of-the-line e cigarettes, their specific hardware makes combining the two different brand’s accessories a non-possibility… until now.

Vapor King just announced that they are now offering a specially made hybrid cartridge adapter for just that purpose. With the hybrid adapter you are able to attach Amerismoke USA made cartridges to your Vapor King electronic cigarette battery. By doing this you get the long-lasting, powerful battery life of the Vapor King e cig and the high quality, lab tested Amerismoke e-liquid all in one pleasurable experience. Not only that, but the Amerismoke cartridges also feature a unique design that combines the atomizer with the cartridge itself, making replacing worn out atomizers something you no longer have to worry about. Each cartridge is disposable and every new cartridge contains a fresh atomizer every time it is replaced.
For those new to electronic cigarettes, they are small battery powered devices that replicate the act and feel of smoking through something called vaporization. The electronic cigarette looks almost identical to a traditional tobacco cigarette and produces a smoke-like vapor when the user inhales from the end of it. By utilizing vaporization, the e cig manages to avoid producing tar and carbon monoxide, allows for the user to smoke anywhere, and completely rids smoke, ash, cigarette butts and odor from the equation.

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