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Tobacco banned in KCEOC buildings

April 5th, 2012 Posted in Smoking ban Buy cheap cigarettes online Tags:

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More than 20 buildings in southeastern Kentucky are now tobacco free.

The KCEOC Community Action Partnership Board of Directors banned smoking inside all of their buildings and work sites starting this week.

To prepare for the new rule, KCEOC employee Lynn Stephenson, who is a smoker, got a new kind of cigarette, an electronic one that doesn’t smoke.

“They’re a lot healthier. Water vapor is all that is emitted, so there’s no chemicals or anything,” she said.

She just started the electronic cigarettes on Monday, the day a tobacco ban started in the KCEOC Community Action Partnership buildings.

“They did give us several months notice, so I’ve been able to prepare mentally for smoking less at work,” said Stephenson.

Smoking, use of chewing tobacco, and us of any other tobacco products is prohibited in twenty buildings, all vehicles, and work sites of KCEOC Community Action Partnership. It affects 300 employees, 4,000 volunteers, and all clients.

“Our board of directors is always interested in creating a better environment for our staff, our employees, our clients, and our visitors,” said Brandy Crase.

Non-smokers say they can already tell a difference.

“When you walked past the smoking areas, you got secondhand smoke, it was just inevitable. Since we implemented this policy, the air is cleaner, there’s not as much debris on the ground and the facility looks nicer,” said Crase.

KCEOC Board of Directors hopes the new no tobacco policy will improve health for all.

The tobacco ban does not affect the clients at the Women’s Emergency Shelter, residents at the apartments, and the Boone Heights Development.

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