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Teen smokers don’t get any respect from me

see one teen smoking
As I was on the bus coming from school, I happened to glance out the window and I soon noticed two teenage boys coming out of a funeral parlor near Main Street smoking cigarettes. I looked at them deeply, wondering what was their reason for sticking a tobacco stick in their mouth. They didn’t notice me staring at them for a long time; I continued watching them as they walked by laughing at probably some idiotic joke.

Another time that I was on the bus, it was early in the morning and once again, I saw three teens coming out of a deli smoking. I studied their faces intensely wanting to understand it all, the whole idea of inhaling and exhaling smoke. Thinking about it more deeply, I thought of an easy and simple but logical question. What’s the purpose? Surely if I were to ask any teenager that question, I’m positive they would be dumbfounded and clueless as to how to answer a question as straightforward as that, of course relating to smoking.

So when I was in school, I happened to tell my friend about the bunch of teens smoking when we were in class, I then asked her the reason behind it. She told me it’s a phase when most teens want to look and act superior. It’s true, most teenagers think it’s a symbol of being tough, but for others and myself, I look at it as a sign of weakness and stupidity. I cannot gain respect for kids who smoke, I just cannot find it in myself, and I’m sure other sensible people would happen to agree.

Excuses could try to convince others of being sympathetic for them, and to understand their motive as for me; I will not cave into it.

Most teenagers might say it’s because of their lifestyle, peer pressure or the influence of a friend or family member. But altogether, they are choices that one made, most cannot hide it and they cannot justify that those small and excusable notions are the reasons for developing a bad habit.

Do they ever think about their future? Once I see one teen smoking, I cannot look at them seriously. They don’t appear to want to do anything to help themselves. They are far too young to be addicted to cigarettes; instead of looking cool, they look foolish.

When you act foolish what do you do? It’s a theme for making dire decisions at such an early part of your life. The sad part about it is that they are still in high school. But what’s even worse is that teens are endangering many lives that surround them when smoking. Is that fair for others?

I guess I consider myself strong-minded when I discuss openly of my viewpoint about teen smoking. It just doesn’t seem right or appropriate. Ever since I’ve entered high school, I’ve noticed numerous amounts of teens smoking, and it gets me enraged to know that they are so young and haven’t been around long enough to be inclined to cigarettes. In the end of the day, it’s their choices and their lives.

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