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‘Teen Mom’ Leah Messer Wants To Quit Smoking!

Teen Mom smoker
Smoking is a terrible habit, but unfortunately, it is one that a lot of teen girls start. The habit is even worse when the smoker has kids to take care of and Leah Messer knows this, so perhaps that is why she wants to stop the unhealthy addiction!
While she doesn’t get on Twitter too often these days, she made an appearance Tuesday saying, “I really wanna quit smoking! .. It’s such a bad example for my girls #itsanewday to change anything and everything! #aliandaleeah❤ #JLC”

A lot of fans were shocked to learn that the Teen Mom is a smoker. While she admits that she has smoked since the show first aired, it is not something that MTV has ever shown on television. However, the paparazzi has managed to capture a handful of pictures featuring Leah taking some puffs.

Fortunately, Leah did not smoke during her pregnancy and it is unlikely that she smokes around her twins, Ali and Aleeah. Still, cigarette smoke has a way of lingering on clothing and in hair so, even if she doesn’t smoke directly around the girls, it is likely that they may experience some second-hand smoke indirectly.

After her tweet, Leah Messer received a lot of support from fans who support her decision to quit smoking. Many offered up tips and suggestions, even sharing their own success stories. Leah appreciated all of the support.

Did you know that Leah was a smoker? Do you think it is good that she wants to quit smoking? What tips would you suggest to the Teen Mom to try and help her to quit?

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