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Bay Pines VA tightens tobacco rules

October 1st, 2012 Posted in Tobacco industry Tags:

tightens tobacco rules
In support of the organization’s commitment to Be Tobacco Free, the Bay Pines VA Healthcare System tightened tobacco use restrictions Oct. 1 at the main Bay Pines VA Medical Center (VAMC) campus in St. Petersburg and at all of the system’s outpatient clinic locations.
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Tobacco use increases risk for brain bleeds, study says

September 10th, 2012 Posted in Tobacco industry Tags:

rates of tobacco
According to the research, the longer and more heavily a person smokes, the greater that individual’s risk for brain bleeding is, caused by a burst aneurysm.

Latinos are at a higher risk for this issue, despite lower rates of tobacco use when compared to most other demographics. The American Lung Association states approximately 16 percent of Hispanics smoke compared to 22 percent of non-Hispanic whites. Ream more »

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Bid to take tobacco out of Afta list

July 10th, 2012 Posted in Tobacco control Tags:

take tobacco out
Minister Datuk Seri Liow Tiong Lai said the proposal was made at the 11th Asean Health Ministers meeting in Phuket, Thailand, last week.
This change could be part of the 2015 Afta, he said after launching the Malaysian Dietitians’ Association’s Scientific Conference and 18th general meeting here yesterday. Ream more »

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Tobacco use status in State scary: Minister

June 18th, 2012 Posted in Tobacco control Tags:

Tobacco use status
Minister of Health and Family Welfare Prasanna Kumar Acharya on Friday pointed out inadequacies in the tobacco control law in force in the State and said it is the reason why it has not been possible so far to control the use of tobacco in the State.

Speakinh at a workshop on the National Tobacco Control Programme organised by the Directorate of Public Health in association with the Union Health and Family Welfare Ministry and the World Health Organisation (WHO) Ream more »

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Students, faculty react to new TSUS policy banning tobacco use

June 12th, 2012 Posted in Tobacco industry Tags:

policy banning tobacco use
A new campus-wide tobacco policy has been put into effect that prohibits the use of all tobacco products on Sam Houston State University grounds.
The policy went into effect June 1 and bans the use of cigarettes, cigars, pipes, smokeless tobacco and all other tobacco products, and applies to all students, faculty, staff, employees of contractors and visitors of SHSU. Ream more »

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IDPH offering grants to combat obesity and tobacco use

May 11th, 2012 Posted in Tobacco news Tags:

tobacco prevention in communities
The Illinois Department of Public Health is offering grants to local governments, school districts, community organizations, and others to fight obesity and tobacco use.

Organizations can apply for grants under the We Choose Health program, which is a multi-year initiative to encourage obesity and tobacco prevention in communities around Illinois. Ream more »

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Edgerton Tobacco Warehouse Renovation

April 3rd, 2012 Posted in Teens smoking Tags:

Tobacco Warehouse
It was nicknamed the “Tobacco Capital of the World,” as nearly fifty-five tobacco warehouses once dominated the small town of Edgerton.

“At one time the railroads used to be the mass transit in this country. At that time the trains would go by the warehouse, and the warehouse would actually act as a big billboard,” said Dan Rinehart, the owner of four warehouses. Ream more »

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Support vigorous fight against tobacco use

March 26th, 2012 Posted in Tobacco industry Tags:

tobacco control law
The World Health Organization is standing behind Australia’s efforts – against international tobacco companies – to force the industry to go along with prohibitions of attractive graphic images on its products.

WHO director-general Margaret Chan urged the world at the 15th World Conference on Tobacco or Health last week to “stand shoulder to shoulder” against the tobacco industry’s attempts to overturn Australia’s new groundbreaking tobacco control law.
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Teen Smoking in Alabama a Big Concern

March 16th, 2012 Posted in Teens smoking Tags:

school students smoke
Nearly every new smoker is a teen or young adult. That claim is part of a report by the Surgeon General called Preventing Tobacco Use Among Youth and Young Adults.

The report says that more than $1 million is spent ever hour marketing tobacco products in the United States.

The Alabama Department of Public Health (DPH) estimates that 18.6 percent of high school students smoke – that’s part of an estimated $3 million nationwide. DPH also says that each year 10,000 Alabama youth under 18 become new daily smokers. Ream more »

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