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Tobacco industry can afford ‘sin’ tax measure: Palace

November 2nd, 2012 Posted in Tobacco industry Tags:

Fortune Tobacco Corp
MALACAÑANG said on Thursday that the tobacco industry can afford the government’s preferred version of the “sin” tax reform bill, as it downplayed concerns that the measure would lead to massive unemployment in the tobacco industry and encourage smuggling.

Secretary Ramon Carandang of the Presidential Communications Development and Strategic Planning Office was responding to the concerns raised by Philip Morris Fortune Tobacco Corp. (PMFTC) on the sin-tax measure, which it believed should be “moderate.” Ream more »

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Quad bike makers take tips from tobacco

September 25th, 2012 Posted in Tobacco industry Tags:

tactics of the tobacco
Quad bike manufacturers have adopted the tactics of the tobacco industry to avoid regulations, a University of Sydney academic will tell next week’s Safety 2012 World Conference in Wellington.

Speaking from Sydney, Associate Professor Tony Lower said the industry, through funding external research, had convinced regulators not to introduce mandatory roll-over protection.
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Philip Morris USA Raises Cigarette Prices

June 15th, 2012 Posted in Tobacco prices Tags:

Raises Cigarette Prices
In a move that was not completely unexpected, Philip Morris USA has increased its cigarette list price 6 cents across all its brands. The hike, which is equals approximately 2 to 3 percent, goes into effect Monday, June 18.

Two weeks ago, Wells Fargo Securities predicted the move based on results of its Tobacco Talk industry trade surveys, as CSNews Online previously reported. Ream more »

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How the Mohawk tobacco industry caught fire

May 4th, 2012 Posted in Tobacco industry Tags:

Mohawk tobacco industry
Where there’s smoke there’s ire, at least when it comes to critics of the tobacco industry on native reserves, evidenced in Ojibway filmmaker Jeff Dorn’s Smoke Traders.

The TVO-commissioned documentary, which had its world premiere at Hot Docs Thursday, screens again Friday. It will air on TVO this fall.
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Tobacco industry investment a habit Philippines cannot afford it kick

March 16th, 2012 Posted in Tobacco industry Tags:

Tobacco industry investment
Hundreds of anti-smoking advocates yesterday picketed a large international tobacco fair in the Philippines, a country that has drawn more attention from the industry as western nations pile on restrictions and taxes.
A pack of cigarettes costs only about 50 US cents (Dh1.84) here, and nearly one in three Filipinos 15 or older smokes, according to a survey cited by the World Health Organisation. The government supports legislation aimed at discouraging smoking with a new tax, but it is also trying to entice foreign investment to fight rampant poverty and unemployment. Ream more »

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Images Shed Light on the Tobacco Industry’s Harsh Reality

December 2nd, 2011 Posted in Tobacco industry Tags:

part in tobacco
This month, District Judge Richard Leon halted efforts by the United States Food and Drug Administration to place graphic images of the consequences of smoking on cigarette packages, as a result of the allegations that these images would be unconstitutional.

Five of the largest companies in the tobacco industry sued the FDA on the grounds that these pictures, which depict the horrors of tobacco, were against their free speech rights granted by the first amendment. Ream more »

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WHO calls for action on world tobacco industry

September 21st, 2011 Posted in Tobacco control Tags:

convention on tobacco
The UN’s health chief challenged governments on Monday to accelerate the implementation of a robust framework convention on tobacco control despite the “despicable efforts” of the tobacco industry to subvert it.
World Health Organisation director-general Margaret Chan told the general assembly in New York that fully implementing the UN’s anti-smoking Framework Convention on Tobacco Control, signed by over 170 countries, “would bring the single biggest blow to heart disease, cancer, diabetes and respiratory disease.”
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Cigarette Lawsuit Could Save Tobacco Industry Money

August 23rd, 2011 Posted in Tobacco industry Tags:

Tobacco Industry Money
The lawsuit that cigarette makers are filing against the U.S. government probably won’t hold up in court, but it will mean delaying the day cigarette packs carry pictures conveying the dangers of smoking. According to the Associated Press, the estimated year-long delay the lawsuit will cause could end up saving the tobacco industry millions of dollars in lost sales and increased packaging costs.

Four of the five largest U.S. tobacco companies joined together to sue the federal government Tuesday, saying the new requirement violates their free speech. Ream more »

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Big Tobacco Spent $100 Million Plus on CA Politics in Past Decade

July 21st, 2011 Posted in Tobacco news Tags:

Tobacco Money report
Over the past decade, “Big Tobacco” spent over $100 million to influence elections and legislative policy in California, according to a report, Tobacco Money in California Politics. The report can be read in full at the Center For Tobacco Policy and Organizing site. A searchable database of campaign contributions on the site provides precise figures about the campaign contributions tobacco companies are making to individual California state assembly members and Senators.
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