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Tobacco lost appeal to potential smoker at young age

July 4th, 2011 Posted in Teens smoking Tags:

smoker at young age
It was in the news recently that the federal government plans to place new warnings on cigarette packages to discourage smoking. These warnings are supposed to come in the form of nasty-looking photographs depicting the hazards of smoking.

One of the pictures shows a dead guy on a slab down at the morgue. Presumably, he died of lung cancer or some other horrific disease associated with smoking. Another one shows a guy with rotten teeth while still another shows some old lady lighting up around a newborn baby.
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Smoking in Movies: Why Your Brain Thinks It’s Cool

January 20th, 2011 Posted in Smoking ban Tags:

Smoking in Movies
Two things people say when they hear about research on smoking tobacco are: “Why do research on smoking? We all know it’s bad for you,” and “Smoking is just a bad habit. You can quit if you have enough willpower.” Now it turns out that a new study published in the The Journal of Neuroscience shows that those people who said, “smoking is a bad habit,” were partially right.
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Share of household spending on alcohol, cigarettes drops

December 6th, 2010 Posted in Smoking ban Tags:

cigarettes drops
The ratio of Koreans’ spending on alcohol and cigarettes to their total spending fell to a record low in the third quarter as people grew concerned about their health, data showed Monday.

Koreans’ expenditures on alcohol and cigarettes reached 3.49 trillion won ($3.08 billion) on a seasonally adjusted basis in the July-September period, accounting for 2.35 percent of their total consumption spending, according to data by the Bank of Korea. In the cited period, total households’ expenditures stood at 148.6 trillion won. Ream more »

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Smoking cessation and cigarette effects on us

May 21st, 2010 Posted in General tobacco Tags:
smoking cigarettes
smoking cigarettes

The cigarette was named some time in the 18th century: beggars in Seville began to pick from the ground the cigar ends left by the señoritos(“rich, young men”), wrapped the tobacco remains with paper and smoked them. A cigarette (French for”small cigar”) is a product consumed through smoking and manufactured out of cured and finely cut tobacco leaves and reconstituted tobacco, often combined with other additives, then rolled or stuffed into a paper-wrapped cylinder(generally less than 120 mm in length and 10 mm in diameter). Read more

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