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Partial smoking ban could come to city’s park system

December 22nd, 2010 Posted in Tobacco news Tags:

Partial smoking ban
Tobacco use could be banned in parts of Keizer’s parks as a year-long pilot project. The city’s Parks and Recreation Advisory Board passed a motion Tuesday evening prohibiting tobacco near playgrounds, at large gatherings and in areas presenting a particular safety danger. The Keizer City Council will have the final say.
A safety issue would be where fire is a risk. Terry Witham, parks operations supervisor for the city, said Keizer Rapids Park sometimes gets dry enough in the summer that all burning is prohibited.
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Bahrain may ban e-cigarettes

November 24th, 2010 Posted in Electronic cigarettes Tags: ,

Bahrain could eventually outlaw the sale of e-cigarettes, according to a senior health official. They are just as harmful as normal cigarettes, but a ban would only be introduced if a consensus was reached at GCC level, said primary care and public health assistant under-secretary Dr Mariam Al Jalahma. ‘The only difference is that e-cigarettes do not produce smoke,’ she told our sister newspaper Gulf Daily News (GDN) in reaction to reports that e-cigarettes had been banned in the UAE. Read more

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Wisconsin smoking ban complaints continue to drop

November 19th, 2010 Posted in Smoking ban Tags:

smoking ban
The number of complaints over Wisconsin’s statewide smoking ban law has steadily dropped since it went into effect in July.

The state Department of Health Services posted data on Wednesday shows there were 205 complaints in the first month of the law, but that dropped to just 78 for the period covering Oct. 5 through Nov. 4.
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Fruita rejects smoking ban in city parks

November 17th, 2010 Posted in Tobacco ban Tags:

smoking ban in city
The Fruita City Council rejected an ordinance that would have banned smoking in city parks, with Mayor Ken Henry casting the deciding vote for a divided council. “This thing goes too far,” Henry said in voting “no” Tuesday night. While finding “legitimate health considerations” in a ban and saying the issue likely will come before council again, Henry expressed concern that proponents didn’t show up Tuesday night. Ream more »

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Tobacco-loving Serbs face smoking ban

November 16th, 2010 Posted in Tobacco ban Tags:

smoking ban
Forget about the economic crisis and unemployment, Serbs have another burning issue on their hands — a smoking ban.
The law restricting smoking that took effect Thursday is rattling the tobacco-loving Balkan nation where every third citizen is a smoker and where cigarettes have been part of the daily routine for centuries.
While the law does not impose a complete smoking ban in cafes and restaurants, they must introduce nonsmoking areas and smoking is no longer allowed in offices and public areas such as theaters, cinemas or concert halls. Ream more »

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Smokers relish last cigarettes in S.D. bars

November 10th, 2010 Posted in Tobacco ban Tags:

last cigarettes
“Smoke up,” invited Top Hat Lounge owner Andy Lenz, cigar in hand, as she passed out cigars to patrons entering the bar Tuesday, and the clock ticked off the last few hours for a longstanding fixture on South Dakota bar stools – the smoker.
South Dakota’s expanded smoking ban took effect at 12:01 a.m. today, making it illegal to smoke in bars, restaurants and casinos. To commemorate the last night of ashtrays on tables, some area bars were organizing parties encouraging their customers to let the smoke roll. Ream more »

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Dutch backtrack on smoking ban

November 4th, 2010 Posted in Tobacco ban Tags:

smoking ban
The new Dutch government has opted to partially reverse the smoking ban imposed on bars and cafes more than two years ago
It said it will amend the law to allow smokers to light up again in small owner-operated bars which are less than 70 sq.m in size and which have no other staff. The ban will remain in force for larger establishments. Ream more »

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Teen smoking ban focus of Ont. private bill

October 21st, 2010 Posted in Teens smoking Tags:

Teen smoking ban An Ontario Tory MPP introduced a private member’s bill in Queens Park in Toronto Wednesday that would make it illegal for anyone under the age of 19 to smoke cigarettes.
Under existing laws, it’s illegal to sell cigarette to children and teens, but strictly speaking, it’s not against the law for youths to smoke or possess them.

Cambridge Conservative Gerry Martiniuk introduced a private member’s bill in the legislature that will ban teens from possessing, consuming or attempting to purchase tobacco.
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Smoking Crushed Out In Parks

October 21st, 2010 Posted in Tobacco ban Tags:

Smoking in Parks
The first reading of an ordinance banning smoking in all city parks and open space areas drew unanimous approval from the City Council Tuesday evening. However, Seventh District Councilman James Johnson expressed concern regarding noticing the public through signage about the ban once it is enacted.
The amendment to Chapter 8.68 of the Long Beach Municipal Code initially was proposed on July 6 — but at that point, City Council’s discussion centered around banning smoking in “small parks,” or parks 1 acre or less in size. Ream more »

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Spain on track to ban public smoking

October 21st, 2010 Posted in Tobacco news Tags:

ban public smoking
Smoking is to be banned in all bars and restaurants in Spain after parliament on Wednesday voted unanimously in favor of a new anti-smoking bill. Smoking would be forbidden in all public places, with the exception of prisons and psychiatric institutes, where smoking rooms would be set aside. Ream more »

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