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Cigarette Butts Litter Forsyth Park Playground

July 17th, 2012 Posted in Tobacco control Tags:

Cigarette Butts Litter
Look at this unpleasant and unsanitary mess we found at Forsyth Park.
The play site is covered with cigarette butts.
It’s one reason why these moms moved their exercise routine to another location in the park.
“I don’t want someone else’s cigarette butt that they’ve had their mouth on with rat poison or whatevers in nicotine to go in my child. It’s not what I would want and it’s a public place, says Blair Murray Ream more »

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Students should give cigarettes the butt

September 19th, 2011 Posted in Tobacco control Tags:

UH smoking policy
Suddenly your lungs have been blackened as your immune system tries to expel the toxins, forcing you to cough. You failed to notice that fellow Cougar in front of you holding a cigarette. Better luck next time.

The US Surgeon General, the nation’s leading spokesperson on public health, has continuously reported that there is absolutely no level of safe exposure to secondhand smoke.
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Cigarette butts friendly with steel!!

May 19th, 2010 Posted in Tobacco news Tags:

Since the Chinese are the ones consuming one third of the world’s cigarettes, the Chinese scientists were able to find an efficient use for the chemicals produced by cigarette butts when immersed in water, and which usually are toxic enough to kill invasive species fish when ending up in the sea. Read more

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