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Sutter County sets study session for medical marijuana ordinance

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Close your eyes, and it sounds like a discussion from a week earlier: Got to do something before growing season.

Getting a lot of complaints from constituents. Conflict in status between state and federal laws. Medical marijuana, already a hot topic in Yuba and Sutter counties’ cities, will get its own hearing before Sutter County supervisors with a study session on May 15.

Sutter supervisors set the meeting on Tuesday, a week after Yuba County board chambers saw an overflow crowd largely opposed to an ordinance defining when growing becomes a nuisance.

So far, Sutter County hasn’t drafted such an ordinance, with the May 15 study session designed to discuss the issues over medical marijuana before writing a policy.

But based on supervisors who commented on the item Tuesday, there is plenty of interest from their constituents.

Supervisor Stan Cleveland said he had gotten several calls last year from neighbors of growers who felt the smell of marijuana was affecting their lives.

“They really don’t want another year to go by without something happening,” he said.

Supervisor Larry Munger said he had heard complaints from people in Sutter and Meridian who claimed they couldn’t sleep as a result of the smell,

Elswhere, he said, in Meridian, a school principal was concerned about pot growing next to campus.

Sutter County Administrator Stephanie Larsen said a possible ordinance would include not only how growing would be defined as a nuisance, but how it would be enforced.

“If it’s not going to be enforced, why have it?” she said.

The Yuba City City Council has adopted a temporary ordinance on medical marijuana growing, including a ban on outdoor growing.

The Live Oak City Council has banned such growing entirely.

Yuba County supervisors will have a second reading of their medical marijuana ordinance next Tuesday at 6 p.m.

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