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Stop teen smoking? Tackle the industry

Stop teen smoking
The Gazette has shown leadership over the years on tobacco control, from its investigative reporting to its editorials. For this, Quebec, and indeed all of Canada, should be proud.

But I must disagree with your editorial. Many governments have focused on goals for reducing smoking by young people and have been disappointed. And scientific articles underline what many in tobacco control know: young people aspire to reach the next-older age group. and teens aspire to be adults.

If parents, teachers and legislators want to keep kids away from tobacco addiction, they have to show kids that adult society believes cigarettes are the source of an epidemic and take serious measures to confront the problem, as it would a man-made epidemic from any other source. This means serious reforms to force the tobacco industry to take whatever steps are necessary to reduce teen smoking.

Garfield Mahood Founding executive director Non-Smokers’ Rights Association Toronto.

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