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South Beach Smoke Offers Free E-Cigarettes for All U.S. Soldiers and Veterans

E-Cigarettes for soldiers
South Beach Smoke announced today that it will be providing free electronic cigarette starter kits to active and former United States Military personnel. The company launched its campaign titled “Smoke-Free Soldiers” to combat the unhealthy habit of traditional cigarette usage among military men and women. One-third of the current US Military smokes traditional cigarettes as opposed to less than 20% of the general American population. South Beach Smoke stated they can offer soldiers a “Better Smoking Alternative” that can satisfy the sensation of smoking a traditional cigarette without harmful tobacco, tar, combustion, 2nd hand smoke, smokers’ breath and smell.

South Beach Smoke will be providing a complimentary Premium Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit to any current or former member of the US Military. This is one of two electronic cigarette starter kit models offered at South Beach Smoke. The Premium Starter Kit comes with rechargeable batteries and a pack of assorted flavor cartridges so first time e-cigarette smokers can try multiple flavors. If soldiers want the upgraded Deluxe Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit model – they can purchase – and get a rebate equivalent to the price of the Premium Starter Kit.

South Beach Smoke commented on this current giveaway by stating, “….we at South Beach Smoke could not just stand by and let our American hero’s protect our freedom while knowing the deadly consequences they might suffer later in life from smoking traditional cigarettes… especially when we could do something about it”. The company has not announced an expiration date for this giveaway but urge all US Military Service members to take part as soon as possible. Information for US Military service members to receive a free Premium Starter Kit can be found at: .

Electronic cigarettes from South Beach Smoke flash vaporize a nicotine solution creating liquid vapor that looks and feel like real smoke – but is not real smoke. They look nearly identical to traditional cigarettes but are odorless, reusable and electronic, making them more convenient and affordable than cigarettes. South Beach Smoke electronic cigarettes also have disposable cartridges with a variety of cartridge flavor options including tobacco, vanilla, cherry, menthol, and chocolate. One of their most convenient accessories is the USB charger which lets South Beach Smokers recharge their electronic cigarettes from a computer or phone.

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