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Smoking on beach is illegal and dangerous

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Smoking on beach
Working as a lifeguard at a public park, it is important to enforce a smoke-free environment for an inviting atmosphere and the health of young children and adults. The issue is that too many people come to the beach expecting the right to smoke because they are outside. Not only is it hazardous to the lifeguard staff but it is extremely hazardous to the high amount of young children who are around playing on the beach.

Smoking is prohibited on the beach but is allowed underneath the pavilion, a few hundred feet from the beach front. Only a select few understand the risk and obey the policy but the majority of people give the staff a difficult time. Over the past few years we had to resort to escorting individuals, even families, out of the park.

Secondhand smoke can be nearly as dangerous as smoking itself. It is extremely important to assist in protecting the health of young children and adults as much as we can to decrease the deaths due to smoking.

If we have the chance, wouldn’t we all want to help save as many lives as we can? The lifeguards are there to save lives! Drowning or choking doesn’t have to be the only way we save lives; it can simply start from protecting people from the effects of secondhand smoke. It is time that rules are better enforced and for the public to understand the risks of smoking around others.

Everyone who comes to the beach deserves to be in the best and healthiest environment possible, not one filled with health hazards and future health problems. You can help save lives by encouraging everyone you know to stop smoking and improve the lives of everyone around them; it starts from prohibiting smoking from all public facilities!

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