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Smoking Could Be Banned in Spring Hill Parks

proposal targets smokers
Smokers in Spring Hill may have fewer places to light up. On Monday, the mayor and alderman will vote on a proposal to ban smoking in parks.

One can find the Myers family at the park at least once a week. “They love it,” mom Christy Myers said about her children. “My oldest is always on the swings (and) climbing up the slides. She’s here a lot, and we love to come.”

The proposal targets smokers who some say, get in the way of children staying healthy and having a good time.

“My daughter has been here and picked up a cigarette butt, and you know that’s the last thing I want her touching,” Myers added.

Under Alderman Keith Hudson’s plan, smokers would be fined $138, all in an effort to keep children safe.

“I still think it’s a good idea. I’m all for it,” Myers said.

However, Christy Myers’s husband, Brian, fears changing the city’s ordinance goes too far.

“We’ve already banned it in restaurants which there were smoking areas for that. Then people complained it wasn’t good enough and that we don’t need cigarettes at all in there,” Brian Myers explained. “Now it’s, well they can be outside and smoke and now we’re saying now they can’t be outside and smoke. It just seems like it is a slippery slope.”

Alderman Hudson says he doesn’t mind if people smoke in the parking lot, he just wants to keep them away from children in the play area. But the Mayor and Board of Aldermen are going to have to wait on the city attorney to tell them if and where in the parks smoking can be banned.

Brian Myers, who is a not a smoker, like most parents wants the best for his children. But he says protecting them is his job.

“If I feel like they’re in harm’s way it’s my responsibility to get them out of that harm’s way,” he said. “It’s not up to someone else to look out for their best interest or my interest. It’s up to me.”

The proposal passed 5 to 4 in May during its first reading. The Spring Hill Mayor and Alderman will take a final vote Monday at 7:00 pm in City Hall.

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