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Smoking-ban implementors don’t understand withdrawals

April 29th, 2011 Posted in Tobacco news Buy cheap cigarettes online Tags:

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Ah, the smoking ban … most certainly implemented by nonsmokers, for if any of them had any idea at all how difficult it is to quit smoking, they just may quit complaining about smokers’ inability to submit to the ban.

While I appreciate that the ban has helped me to cut down on my smoking, I just want the nonsmokers to know that they will never have a 100 percent ban as long as withdrawals exist.

I can’t speak for other smokers, but I experience headaches, sneezing, coughing, faux-hunger and the experience of feeling like my cells are peeling from the inside out when I go through withdrawals. So nonsmokers, you can rant and stare and sulk all you want. If I feel like smoking, I will.

I promise to blow my smoke in the opposite direction.

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