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Smokers may be using shisha pipe to take drugs

March 31st, 2011 Posted in smoking hookah Buy cheap cigarettes online Tags:

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SMOKING shisha is becoming a norm among Malaysians, especially youngsters who get carried away in their quest for being hip.

However, not many know that the shisha device could be used to smoke drugs like weed or ice.

Shisha has become popular in not only Arabian restaurants but also local food outlets, including mamak stalls.
Before shisha was introduced in Malaysia, youngsters in foreign countries used weed as an ingredient when they smoked this device.

Some Malaysians have even home-made shisha-like devices to smoke ice or other stuff to get high.

Din, who has smoked weed and occasionally shisha, said the shisha originated from Arab countries where they smoked weed and became popular in Malaysia a decade ago.

“I know of friends who have smoked grass using the shisha device. Normally, I smoke grass using rolled tobacco leaves (rokok daun).

“However, grass could be mixed into the shisha and then smoked. Even ice (a drug) could also be used in smoking shisha.
He said a shisha device with grape or apple flavour would overpower the weed smell in the surrounding area.

“But, if a person is only a table away, then they could smell it,’’ he said.

He added that when the device was washed after smoking weed, the next customer would not notice the difference.

Another shisha smoker known as Jeremy, who occasionally uses it to smoke weed, said the shisha could be modified into a home-made gadget called bong.

“Authorities should not ban shisha-smoking. It is only those who abuse it who are causing bad publicity.

“Besides, anyone could buy a shisha device.

“If authorities want to ban shisha, then they should also ban tobacco packets, which are used to roll and hold the weed inside,’’ he said.

Another regular shisha smoker Sashi said he had heard of people smoking ice and weed using the device.

“I have heard of people doing that but I have never tried it myself. I have a device at home but I only use it to smoke shisha.

“I have heard that those who use it for drugs modify the device so that the weed or ice can burn in it. These are the people who abuse the device,” he said.

He added that he had heard from friends that some shisha operators add illegal substances.

“I do not know what substances are added. It may be home-made flavours but I heard that some of them will ask if the customers want extra “kow” or high.

A shisha operator known as Andrew said most operators would not add illegal substances. However, he has heard of some who abuse it for their own personal use.

“As far as I know, some operators use the device to get high themselves but so far I don’t think anyone mixes illegal stuff.

“It is not so easy to do as there is no burning involved in a normal shisha. Most probably those who abuse it have modified it. If they do, they risk getting caught as other people can easily smell it,” he said.

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