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Reasons celebrities bring to quit smoking

uma thurman smokingMatt Daemon, a famous Hollywood actor was hypnotized, Jim Carrie was pricked all over the needles, and Gwyneth Paltrow practiced yoga. But now they are not at knifepoint of tobacco death. How and why do smoking celebs give up smoking?For children: A Hollywood handsome celeb Ben Affleck, a star of such movies as “Armageddon”, and “Pearl-Harbor” gave up smoking for the sake of his daughter Violett whom his wife Jennifer Garner gave a birth in the year 2005.A famous dish Julia Roberts has also began to follow the health life-style after she had tried to become pregnant in the year 2004.They said she gave up smoking and went in for yoga. In the year 2005 the actress successfully gave a birth to twins. This summer Julia and his husband, a photographer Danny Moder are also in a familiar way.

Michael Douglas’s wife Catherine Zeta Jones couldn’t manage with her pernicious habit. Once she decided that she shouldn’t give a bad example to her son and daughter but she continues to smoke. Elisabeth Harley tried to give up smoking with the help of tobacco “substitute” – a baby’s dummy and used nicotine plasters but these methods didn’t help her.

Being in pod Uma Thurman and Britney Spears also stopped smoking but after their children’s birth they resume the normal course.

For career: Sylvester Stallone refused from smoking in 70s when he was acting in “Rocky” that brought him a crazy popularity. During the movie motion he felt short breath and this event was reason for him to drop smoking.

A “Godfather” Al Pacino quit smoking when he was 54 when he realized that tobacco ruinously influences on his crowning voice timbre – deep, veiled.

To give a lead: Cuban leader Fidel Castro whose icon is associated with a cigar in fact came off cigarettes in 1985 – in the national day of smoking control. The Comandante who had smoked for 44 years from the age of 15 said goodbye to his ancient habit for ever to give a lead to his nation and all the humanity. He was convinced by the doctor Jacques-Yves Cousteau (according to some data) to do that.

Fulfilling a promise A 64 years old rock star and composer Johnny Holliday who was considered to be a French Elvis Presley had done with smoking to keep his word. In the year 2002 the rocker took part in the rally “Paris-Dakar” and driving in Sahara his Nissan was broken. Waiting for a help he promised to give up smoking. He was saved and kept his word.

Hypnotism: Ben Affleck’s friend Matt Daemon rid of nicotine dependence due to hypnotism some years ago. According to the actor’s words it took just 3 sessions for him to stop smoking (he had smoked for 16 years).

French star Catherine Deneuve also turned to hypnotism service. She smoked 3 packets a day but in the end she decided that it influences on her skin and refused from tobacco 20 years ago.

Yoga and meditations: Smart Spanish worldwide famous celeb Penelope Cruz affirms that gave up smoking due to meditation. They say Gwyneth Paltrow managed to stop smoking due to yoga.

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