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Proposed Montana law would make medical marijuana illegal

medical marijuana illegal
Montana legislators have reached a proposed deal concerning medical marijuana.

The Montana Senate last week endorsed a new measure that would repeal Montana’s existing medical marijuana law and replace it with a much stricter system serving far fewer patients.
The proposed bill would cut the number of medical marijuana cardholders from nearly 30,000 to less than 3,000.

The proposal comes as Montana legislators attempt to deal with a number of issues surrounding the sale of medical marijuana within the state. The proposal will also make medical marijuana illegal after July 1 until the new law takes effect in October.

Montana Senate Majority Leader Jeff Essmann says he intends to give the House just one bill on medical marijuana to consider. It remains unclear whether Montana governor Brian Schweitzer supports the measure. The governor has called for changes in the state’s medical marijuana law, saying state lawmakers would determine the future of sales within the state.

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