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People in Mission protest marijuana grow-op bylaw

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Many people living in the District of Mission have had it with their city council. A rally was held Monday night to protest the way council has handled the controversial inspections aimed at curbing marijuana grow-operations.

A district bylaw can charge people with fees and repair bills as high as $10,000, even when no grow-ops are found. People are also upset with in-camera meetings at the district.

Last Monday, Ron Taylor, a former councillor, and current councillor Jenny Stevens had their computers seized by RCMP. Stevens, who is blind, has only had one of her computers returned. Taylor says police still have his computers.

“You have to bear in mind that the RCMP detachment gets $9-million funding from the city each year. When the city tells them to jump, I suspect the answer is how high,” he muses.

Taylor believes it’s part of a politcal vendetta against him. He has been a vocal opponent of the bylaw.

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