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Bootleg Russian cigarettes lined with Chinese asbestos

February 2nd, 2011 Posted in Tobacco news Tags:

Russian cigarettes
Many of the Jin Ling cigarettes contain industrial chemicals and asbestos-lined Chinese plasterboard, trading standards officials revealed yesterday.
They come in yellow packs with the words Jin Ling and USA emblazoned across the front.
One man, who wished to remain anonymous, said he had been offered 200 of the Jin Ling brand while drinking in a club in Hartlepool, Co. Durham. Ream more »

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Traffic stop nets 20 pounds of marijuana

February 2nd, 2011 Posted in Marijuana news Tags:

pounds of marijuana
A traffic stop near Lake Charles has landed two men in jail on drug charges.
According to a Louisiana State Police news release, troopers on Tuesday stopped a car on Interstate 10 eastbound for a traffic violation. After the stop, authorities say they received permission to search the car and found almost 20 pounds of marijuana in it.
State police say the marijuana has an approximate street value of $24,000. Ream more »

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Cuba Creates Cigars for Women

February 2nd, 2011 Posted in Cigars Tags:

Cigars for Women
Worldwide Cuban cigar distributor Habanos S.A. has announced the release of a cigar made especially for women: the Romeo y Julieta Julieta, a 4 ¾-inch long, 33 ring gauge petit cigar.
Habanos said the Julieta size was created not only to please female cigar smokers, but in honor of the company’s female employees who are essential to the manufacture of Cuban cigars.
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EUBAM helps Moldova and Ukraine battle cigarette smuggling

February 2nd, 2011 Posted in Tobacco control Tags:

cigarette smuggling
Over 50 Moldovan and Ukrainian customs and border guard officers have received training on cigarette anti-smuggling techniques from the EU Border Assistance Mission to Moldova and Ukraine (EUBAM). The training took place at border crossing points (BCPs) in Tudora, Moldova and Starokozache, Ukraine and was delivered by Galentin Georgiev, a police analyst from EUBAM’s Analytical and Operational Support Unit, with the assistance of Svitlana Prishchenko from EUBAM’s Capacity Building Unit. Ream more »

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Addiction to smoking ‘mental and physical’

February 1st, 2011 Posted in Tobacco treaty Tags:

Addiction to smoking
It has been suggested that an addiction to smoking is both physical and psychological. Alison Walsh, youth advisor at independent charity QUIT, said that the cravings start to become habitual rather than a physical need. “If you have a cup of tea you’ll have a cigarette to go with it; it’s a way of killing time, a way of taking a break,” she explained.
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Miley Cyrus Movie Edited After Bong Scandal

February 1st, 2011 Posted in Celebrities smoking Tags:

Miley Cyrus
An upcoming movie starring Miley Cyrus has been edited so as not to show her character smoking marijuana after Cyrus was seen smoking from a bong in a real life home video, Us Weekly reported Monday. The video showed Cyrus in December 2010, five days after her 18th birthday, smoking the legal hallucinogenic herb salvia from a bong. “OK, I’m about to lose it now,” the “Hannah Montana” star says in the video after a particularly long hit. “I’m having a little of a bad trip.” Read more

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No smoking at cigar bars?

February 1st, 2011 Posted in Cigars Tags:

cigar bars
At Jake’s Cigars & Spirits in Omaha’s Benson area, customers were still puffing Thursday on thick-masted Perdomos and Rocky Patels. They might need to enjoy them while they still can. A Lincoln judge’s ruling earlier this week might snuff out the exemptions that cigar bars, tobacco shops and designated motel rooms enjoy to the state’s two-year-old smoking ban. Lancaster County District Judge Jodi Nelson, citing a 2008 court decision on Omaha’s smoking ban, ruled that those three exemptions were unconstitutional “special legislation” for a specific group and should be wiped out.
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Lawmakers back bills to criminalize synthetic marijuana

February 1st, 2011 Posted in Marijuana news Tags:

marijuana law
Legislation that would criminalize the possession, manufacture and sale of products that constitute what is being called “synthetic marijuana” breezed through a House of Delegates committee Monday on a unanimous bipartisan vote. Approval of House Bill 1434 would classify synthetic marijuana as a controlled substance. It would provide punishments for the chemical compounds — known commercially by names such as “Spice” and “K2″ — with the punishments prescribed under the criminal code for similar offenses concerning marijuana.
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