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Obama Claims Cigarette Smoking Is Not Only Good For You, Butt Makes You Smarter!

obama smoking cigarettesThe President who wants to give Americans free healthcare might be requiring it himself, after aides revealed the man who claims ‘he quit’ actually smokes more than ever now. A staffer close to the president (who didn’t want to be identified) claims Obama’s habit has reached three packs a day.
Poor choices and outright lies seem to plague this president as he somehow feels his way through office.
Choices like an overweight… no, make that fat, Surgeon General who by law is trusted with looking after the nation’s health. A cabinet choice for Treasury Secretary that forgot to claim income on his taxes…Twice! The president’s past affiliation with ACORN, a government-funded bastion of criminal enterprise that has made the headlines with its Money for Hookers program.

Now, with revelations that the president is hooked on nicotine, kids and teenagers are getting the Democrat’s message that it’s OK to smoke and even that smoking can make you cool, and up the possibilities of becoming President someday.

The administrations Health and Human Services head, Secretary Sebelius even presented Obama with a large ashtray made from Kansas bedrock to be placed in the Oval Office.

Says Sebelius, “We need more revenue from tobacco taxes, and the President’s smoking initiative will increase our revenue base by appealing to low income and minority Americans. His efforts are praiseworthy.”

Obama recently stated that his nearly two-year-long efforts to find a church for him and the First Family to attend in Washington has been hampered by most churches having a ‘no smoking’ policy. He also stated he feels confident that there is a church out there, somewhere, which will allow him to smoke during services.

From, Written by Mr.Happy, June 29th, 2010

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