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New Cigarette Alternative On Store Shelves

New Cigarette Alternative
A new form of nicotine is now on store shelves in Colorado Springs. Some fear that these cigarette alternatives could become an addictive new trend for kids.
It’s called dissolvable tobacco. It’s nicotine that dissolves in your mouth, meaning no second hand smoke.
It comes in three different forms: Dissolvable strips that melt on your tongue, orbs that look like little pills and sticks.
“I think if a kid finds this in the house they just might like put it in their mouth just thinking it’s candy,” said former smoker Francine Wade.
On the other hand, Jarin Smith said it might be useful for parents to use the product while in the car with their kids. “You don’t want them to get second hand smoke,” said Smith. “I could see it on an airplane. (It’s) good for an airplane ride.”
“There’s like enough tobacco stuff going around,” said former smoker Francine Wade. “We don’t need anymore. I think it’s just another way for them to make money.”
KRDO-TV found the tobacco packets on convenience store shelves, behind the counter, just like cigarettes. The clerks said the product is not a big seller.
The product is made by R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company and sold under the name. Company representatives have said they are not marketing the product to minors.

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