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Miley Cyrus Smoking Photos Spark Controversy

Miley Cyrus Smoke
Miley Cyrus skyrocketed to fame through her character on Hannah Montana when she was just 15 years old but the 18-year-old who used to be a good role model for young teens is now sending the wrong message to her young fans.

Over the past few years, Miley has been photographed in a number of less-than-impressive situations. From her nude photo scandal to drinking and drugs, there’s been no shortage of rebellious behavior that has caught media attention. Now, just when we think Miley might be back on the path to good health, she returns to an old bad habit she seems to be having a hard time kicking: smoking.

The controversial singer/actress was snapped this week smoking on several occasions while she relaxed on vacation. The habit seems to be quite serious as Miley can’t seem to put them down, even when she’s walking her dog.

The question is, is it okay for someone like Miley – who has influenced so many young women over the years – to support such a bad habit that causes many deaths each year?

Or should Ms. Cyrus have the privilege and right to do anything she wants in her down time – even if she’s only 18 years old and is sending a bad message to other young girls?

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