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Mayor Bloomberg takes fight against cigarettes to California

fight against cigarettes
The mayor has gotten smoking banned in New York City bars and parks and now he is taking aim at curbing the habit in the Golden State.

Mayor Michael Bloomberg has launched an online donation page to raise money for the California Cancer Research Act, aka Prop. 29. The ballot initiative, which goes to polls next month, will levy a $1 per pack tax on cigarettes to help pay for cancer research and other initiatives.

“Right now Big Tobacco is pouring tens of millions into California to defeat a commonsense measure known as Prop 29 that would help reduce tobacco use. Something has to be done about it,” the mayor said in a statement.

Bloomberg, who has pledged nearly $200 million to fight smoking across the nation, will match donations up to $500,000 he announced.

The mayor and other supporters, including Lance Armstrong, say the tax can raise more than $700 million a year for research.

The Tour-de-France champ thanked hizzoner on Twitter for contributing to the fight to make the law a reality.

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