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Marijuana Restaurant Opens Amid Police Concerns

April 28th, 2012 Posted in Marijuana news Buy cheap cigarettes online Tags:

Marijuana Restaurant
A controversial new restaurant opens in Ashland today without a hitch, despite concerns from the police department and the city.
The restaurant Earth Dragon Edibles is a restaurant that serves marajuana infused food, as well as food without cannabis. The city administrator Dave Kanner said the business is illegal, “They are engaged in an activity that is prohibited by state and federal law and we have sent them a letter that their business license has been denied.”
Yet the owner of Earth Dragon Edibles restaurant said they have all their permits and anyone who wants to come in must have a medical marajuana card.
Kevin Walllace says he’s just trying to help people who are disabled or in constant pain, “We have excess we are able to infuse into oil and give away to people who need it.”
Restaurant-goers or patients out for lunch today said the food was actually quite tasty, which was a surprise.
They say the food tastes good, not like marajuana-infused food usually tastes.
Patients like Darrell Gregory said a restaurant like this is a necessity and shutting it down would be a shame, “I’m ex law enforcement and I’ve seen the bad sides and the good sides (to marajuana) and for thirty years I’ve been disabled and it saved my life so far.”
The city will have the final say on what is to come of this controversial eatery, but it says if the owners can prove its legal, it will stay.

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