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Man Claims Teens Smoke Pot At Park

November 11th, 2011 Posted in Teens smoking Buy cheap cigarettes online Tags:

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A concerned citizen tells KRDO Newschannel 13 that he is worried about the safety of teenagers in his neighborhood.
David Oliver lives next to John “Prairie Dog” O’Byrne Park, a few blocks away from Palmer High School, and said he often sees teens smoking pot from his balcony.
“This is one of the things many of them invest their free time in. They’re not hitting the books, they’re hitting the weed instead,” said Oliver.
KRDO did catch some teens on camera smoking, but what they were smoking is unknown. They did walk down into a creek ditch to light up.
“Kids are supposed to be getting an education. And they’re getting an education, but I don’t think it’s one their parents want them to get,” said Oliver.
Olive said the park is not safe for teenagers. He said drug dealers hang out in the park and that recently two people were mugged.
He said he wants the school district to bring back mandatory study hall and keep students on campus.
“Before I write this generation off as lost, I just thought I’d throw a wrench into schools works to see if I can’t wake somebody up,” Oliver said.
According to school District 11, it has a closed campus policy, except during lunch hours.

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