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L&M X-Slims: New Cigarettes Style

“Style X-Slims inspired by urban culture and the trend characteristic of large cities, and that is why we have decided to issue two new proposals in the 25 largest cities of Russia,” – said Jan Billinghem, advertising manager for the average price of stamps segment Philip Morris Seylz end Marketing “.






Fredrik Stahl, director of advertising for Philip Morris Marketing Seylz end, “commented so new launch today:” The popularity of thin cigarettes is growing rapidly in Russia, and notably in the last two years – primarily because adult smokers change their preferences favor stylish cigarettes, new proposals from well-known brands, and most importantly, soft feeling, delivering the pleasure of smoking. Replying expectations of our adult smokers, we have developed an entirely new tobacco bag, which, in combination with a triple filter coal, as well as completely new to “L&M Cigarettes” design package, will expand the range of options for the taste of this brand, and will complement the existing line of the five versions of the classical format. ”

Running L&M X-Slims will be supported in the traditional media, including advertising in the press, in the retail business and dialog marketing, as well as club activities aimed to adult smokers learned of the launch and are interested in them.

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