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Legalize marijuana to end criminal control

August 1st, 2012 Posted in Marijuana news Buy cheap cigarettes online Tags:

Legalize marijuana
I read with interest Assemblyman Declan J. O’Scanlon Jr.’s telling missive, “Medical marijuana: the facts,” July 20.

A harsh reality for our state’s medical marijuana patients is that they are still on the drug war battlefield despite a New Jersey medical marijuana law that is supposed to serve their needs.

Imagine if we had to procure medications from the street, or worse yet, manufacture them? Most remember John Ray Wilson, a Franklin Township multiple sclerosis patient who grew marijuana as his medicine and was met with the full force of prosecutors from Trenton. He went to prison, as do other patients. It might be best to divert our sick and most vulnerable from the criminal system.

As a resident of the 13th District, I appreciate O’Scanlon’s oversight on the medical marijuana issue and also his sponsorship of A-1465, which would decriminalize possession of 15 grams or less of marijuana.

Our courts, police and taxpayers are helped by treating small marijuana possession issues as civil infractions, but this is no solution. Medical marijuana and marijuana decriminalization leave a vast black market in place, and Gov. Christie guarantees we will continue to tread water on this issue, as he said he will veto the proposed decriminalization law. What will take the teeth out of cartels and gangs, and reduce societal harms, but legalization?

Marijuana legalization for adults would make patient availability of medical marijuana moot, end criminal control of the marketplace and keep it away from our children.

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