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Kristen Stewart, Quit Smoking! Need A Nicotine Patch?

Kristen Stewart smoking
Kristen Stewart has been photographed with a butt hanging out of her mouth again. Does she need a nicotine patch? Doesn’t she realize the kind of an example she is setting for her young fans?

According to a report from Hollywood Life, the Twilight and Snow White actress was spotted smoking on the set of Snow White and the Huntsman on Wednesday, September 28th. Isn’t she aware of the fact that cigarettes can kill?

There was a day when it was considered cool to smoke. It was a sign of class and sophistication. But people have long since smartened up, and medical science has proven what cigarette smoking can do to your lungs. It would be a shame to see a beautiful young actress like Kristen Stewart develop lung cancer or any of the other long list of diseases that can befall smokers.

And then there are those fans. Aren’t most of the fans of the Twilight Saga fairly young? They, no doubt, look up to Kristen Stewart as a role model of sorts. Would she really want to find out that young fans were starting to smoke cigarettes because they’d seen her doing it?

Aside from the obvious health risks, cigarette smoking makes your hands, clothes and hair all smell smoky and stale. It can yellow your teeth and even stain your fingertips. Kristen Stewart is such a beautiful young woman–wouldn’t you think any of these things would be important to her?

Yes, cigarette smoking is an addiction. But like many addictions, there are ways to get help. The nicotine patch is just one way. Kristen Stewart should talk to her doctor and decide which is the best way for her to quick smoking.

But regardless of which way she chooses, she really should do something about it now.

So what do you think, Kristen? Would you consider quitting smoking for your impressionable fans?

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