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Judge Says Medical Marijuana Grows Safe for Now

Medical Marijuana Grows
No medical marijuana plants will be pulled in Fresno County after a judge issued a temporary restraining order. The order stops the county from enforcing an ordinance passed last month, banning outdoor marijuana gardens. An attorney for medical marijuana patients argued the gardens were planted when it was legal to do so and the county would be denying patients their rights to the medical marijuana that was already growing.

Brenda Linder, attorney for the medical marijuana patients said, “It means they do not have to be afraid that the deputies or the planning department is going to come out and enforce it or insist that they rip out their plants and they can continue with this growing cycle and hopefully get their medicine harvested.”

Judge Hamilton said there was no immediate danger if the ordinance was not enforced.

The two sides will be back in court on November 3rd.


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