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How to Make the Electronic Cigarette Experience Better?

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So you’ve discovered the electronic cigarette. You know that it is better for you than smoking tobacco. But how do you get the most out of your ecig? You’ve made the investment in a starter pack, after all – so it’s time to make sure that you get everything you want out of it.

The first thing to do is to make sure that you buy the right kind of electronic cigarette. You will want to match your starter pack, if you haven’t bought it already, to your lifestyle. Every starter pack comes with a box, like a cigarette pack, for your ecig, which contains all your accessories (capsules of E Liquid, chargers and of course the cigarette itself). Some of these “cigarette pack” boxes have rather nifty little features of their own – like the torch you get on the bottom of the iCig pack, which makes the whole box a handy handbag item, perfect for those late night fumblings with your keys.

Flavours are your next big decision. There are plenty of flavoured electronic cigarette cartridges out there, with differing brands offering different selections (and different intensities of flavour too). Choose your brand according to the expectations you have for your ecig. Don’t let it fall at the first hurdle because you don’t like the taste. Try as many E Liquid capsules as you like until you find the perfect flavour for your temperament: and remember that you can chop and change as often as you like.

That’s one of the great things about the electronic cigarette smoking experience: it can be customised. You do not have to stick to the same flavour even if you do like it – just as you wouldn’t eat the same meal three times per day, every day of your life. Choose your cartridge flavours according to mood and location.

Flavour isn’t the only thing you can specific in your ecig cartridge. You can also specify the strength of the nicotine concentration you get in each hit. Bearing in mind that the electronic cigarette is really intended for smokers who want to find a way to start stopping, the control you have over the nicotine you’re getting in every hit is ideal.

Treat the electric cigarette the same way you would treat any stop smoking programme. Start with a normal dose of nicotine and tail it off over a period of weeks or months – even years. With the ecig you can go at the pace that suits you, knowing that you won’t be hampered by the ill effects of smoking tobacco. As soon as you switch to the electric cigarette you are avoiding tobacco’s side effects altogether and concentrating on just two things – the addiction to nicotine and to the habit of smoking.

Your electronic cigarette is supplied with a variety of charging leads, so you can keep it ready to puff at all times. One of the most common stumbling blocks on the road to using the electric cigarette as a liberation from enslavement to tobacco is loss of battery power – the same as losing your lighter prevents you from smoking tobacco.

Keep a car charging lead in your car, so you can charge your ecig from the cigarette lighter/adaptor. Keep a USB charging lead with your laptop or PC – and get into the habit of always putting your electronic cigarette on charge when you are in either location, Keep a spare battery with you too and you’ll always be ready to “light up”.

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