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Grisly warnings to appear on UAE cigarette packets

UAE cigarette packets
This is one of 10 graphic warnings that will soon be displayed on tobacco products across the country aimed at shocking smokers into kicking the harmful habit.

The UAE government selected the image, along with four others recommended by the World Health Organisation, to be placed on all cigarette packets.

A further five pictures have been chosen to be splashed on shisha packets. Tobacco manufacturers have received all of the photos and the warnings will be in place from August.

Anti-smoking officials are confident the visual health warnings will be effective in their war on tobacco.

“Current warnings on cigarette packs are subliminal and do not have a real effect on a smoker’s consciousness,” said Dr Wedad Al Maidoor, head of the tobacco control committee at the Ministry of Health.

“The graphic warnings will show smokers what is likely to happen to them if they continue smoking.”

However, smokers in the UAE told 7DAYS the images will not make them think twice about lighting up.

“I have lived in several countries where there have been graphic warnings on cigarette packets,” one smoker said.

“These have included among other things, photos of cancerous growths but the photos have never had any impact on me whatsoever.”

Another smoker, Hafez Battash, said: “Teenagers or adults who are just venturing into the habit are likely to be unsettled by these warnings,” said Battash. “But for a seasoned smoker like me who has seen worse threats, I might not even notice the photo exists.”

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