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Go Ahead with Electronic Cigarettes

Red Dragon electronic cigarettes
Electronic cigarettes or e-cigarettes have created a revolution in the world of smokers. They are designed to give the maximum pleasurable experience of traditional cigarettes without exposing the smoker to the byproducts of tobacco such as the tar and carcinogens, which are the most harmful materials found in an ordinary cigarettes.
Red Dragon electronic cigarettes are designed to deliver optimum satisfaction to their customers. They provide a high quality smoking experience with a fresh and lingering taste. This amazing product produces a thick smoke-like vapor infused with nicotine and flavorings that can satisfy your urge for tobacco.

The atomizer within each electronic cigarette creates the vapor which will dissipate in seconds keeping the air around you clean. As a result, smokers are able to enjoy an electric cigarette, without exposing their friends and family to the second-hand smoke of traditional cigarettes.

The electronic cigarettes assembly includes a built-in airflow sensor circuit with atomizer and a microchip controller. The circuit is activated when you draw on the electronic cigarette which then starts producing vapor filled with tobacco flavor and nicotine. Replacement cartridges can be purchased without nicotine as well.

A typical Red Dragon electronic cigarette starter kit includes two rechargeable batteries, a USB charger, a wall charger adapter and 5 replacement cartridges, which provides everything you need to enjoy e-smoking.

The disposable replacement cartridges are interchangeable and come in various flavors and nicotine strengths of your choice including High (16mg) Medium (11mg) Low (6mg) and even without nicotine for the smartest tobacco alternative.

There is a new atomizer contained in every Red Dragon disposable cartridge. You get a fresh, new atomizer with every cartridge change. Cartridges typically lasts for over two hundred and fifty puffs making the capacity of one cartridge the equivalent of about 16 traditional tobacco cigarettes.

Each Red Dragon electronic cigarette kit comes with a money back guarantee, if customers are not fully satisfied with their electronic cigarettes, they can return them and receive their money back. Red Dragon also provides a warranty and will replace any failed electronic component free of charge for up to one year. Their warranty shows the company’s confidence in their product and commitment to providing quality electronic cigarettes.

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