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FDA to Regulate E-Cigs

Regulate E-Cigs
The FDA is getting in on the e-cigarette action, announcing today that it will regulate the smokeless smokes the same way it does other tobacco products. That’s actually good news for e-cig purveyors, reports the AP, as they bypass tougher regulations they would have faced if labeled a drug-delivery device. That could all change, the FDA says, if the e-cigarettes are “marketed for therapeutic purposes”—ie, smoking cessation.

The presidents of two e-cig companies heralded the news, with NJOY’s chief saying he was “very happy,” while Blu Cigs’ Jason Healy said the FDA rules will aid in “weeding out the shady companies.” Currently, says Healy, “you can potentially sell snake oil.” No timeline for the rules has been set.

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