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Electronic Cigarettes Ignite Major Health Debate

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Electronic cigarettes are igniting a major health debate. Some believe they’re a great alternative to smoking, while others think they’re a source of dangerous unknown toxins.

The pseudo-cigarettes are becoming increasingly popular since people can’t smoke in local restaurants, clubs or bars.

They come in pink, silver and black. And even celebrities from Katherine Heigl to Leonardo DiCaprio have been using them.
Kyle Winther of promotes the cigarette as a great way to kick the smoking habit.

The electronic cigarettes have an atomizing chamber that turns a nicotine solution into a vapor.

Consumers can reduce the level of nicotine until they phase out the need for it.

“We’re looking for a smoker who is looking for an alternative–whether to save money or to reduce their nicotine,” Winther said.

But there are plenty of critics.

One Florida man had another brand of electronic cigarette explode in his mouth, ripping out part of his tongue and several teeth, and badly burning his face.

And some doctors say not enough is known about the cigarettes to determine if they pose a health risk.

“We don’t know if they offer any potential health risk or not,” said Dr. Clark Fuller of Saint John’s Health Center. “What we do know is it involves a combustion and a release of a vapor that is inhaled in the lungs. The chemical makeup of that vapor is unknown.”

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