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Electronic Cigarettes Help Chain Smokers Quit Smoking

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Clinical researches have come to a common conclusion that electronic cigarettes help chain smokers quit smoking tobacco permanently. As per Camponneto, et al, it was found that people who started smoking e cigs instead of tobacco cigarettes actually abstained from smoking tobacco for several years.

The author went on to say that most chain smokers who wished to quit smoking and had tried several clinically proven methods to quit smoking in the recent past, had failed miserably in their mission. Nonetheless, the moment they took to e cigarettes, the jinx was finally broken and they were able to slowly but permanently make a switch to these safer alternatives.

In another prominent research conducted by Bullen, et al, forty people were tested to ascertain the benefits of smoking e cigs on chain smokers. The subjects were abstained from smoking regular cigarettes during the night and were provided with e cigarettes during the day. In the 12th SRNT Europe Conference, the reports of Darredeau, et al affirmed the facts that electric cigarettes actually helped reduce the acute tobacco cravings in chain smokers.

As per another survey, it was found that as compared to several traditional and clinically proven methods used for helping smokers quit this habit, the use of electric cigarettes was the best suited for all age groups. Not only was it found to work in favor of even the toughest chain smokers, these devices also permitted smokers to continue smoking throughout their lives without worrying about inhaling the deadly tobacco smoke in return.

In a study conducted by Heaver, et al, it was found that out of the 300 subjects that were being studies, 79% of them started using e cigs permanently while 17% of the subjects had significantly reduced the total number of cigarettes smoked in a day. Only 4% of the subjects had no effect whatsoever when they were administered e cigarettes instead of regular ones.

In the most recent study conducted by Etter and Bullen, of the three thousand five hundred and eighty seven subjects, two thousand eight hundred and fifty started using e cigs with nicotine instead of regular cigs and one hundred and fourteen used e cigs with zero nicotine strength. This published report clearly shows that e cigarettes actually help chain smokers to quit smoking.

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