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Electronic Cigarette Flavor Cartridges Brings Smoking to New Hights

Electronic Cigarette Flavor
After months of trials and tribulations, taste test after taste test and countless hours in the lab, BV Cigs has come up with its core group of flavors. Where other e cigarette companies have a huge variety of flavors, some taste good and others may taste like burnt hair, BV has gone for quality not quantity.

BV Cigs has struck perfection on five flavors that they can be completely confident with. As BV Cigs CEO, April Gardeazabal stated, “We sell quality, and that is what it is all about. We don’t want our customers to be disappointed, they get what they expect, nothing less.” At BV Cigs, we offer the two most sought after flavors in the industry, “Traditional Tobacco” and which tastes like a top quality cigarette without the after taste and a “Menthol Cigarette” which tastes like what it sounds like.

BV Cigs has also come up with some not so traditional flavors that we are sure will be crowd pleasers. Their first custom flavor is vanilla, which is tailored to taste just like old-fashioned ice cream. They didn’t stop there, as they came up with a delicious coffee flavor that is reminiscent of a latte that you would find at your favorite coffee shop. Last but not least, their “crew favorite” that we call energy drink. This flavor tastes so much like the real thing, that you will probably want to mix it with vodka, and don’t worry, it wont “give you wings” or make you stay up all night.

We at BV Cigs are so proud of our new and exciting flavors, that we encourage our customers to enter in the coupon code “free carts” along with the two new flavors that they would like to try into the “special instructions” box when completing checkout for their order of a new starter kit. By doing this, customers will receive two 5 packs of cartomizers, which is a $24 value. We are sure you will enjoy our delicious e cigarette flavors, and hope that it will add a bit of variety to your vaping experience! Act now, as this offer will not last forever.

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