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Electric cigarettes are becoming very popular among those looking to kick the habit

Electric cigarettes
It’s a known fact that Tobacco accounts for most oral cancers. Smoking cigarettes, cigars, chewing tobacco and dipping snuff are all known to cause cancer. Smoking starts to affect the body, right from the first puff itself. Besides, lung cancer, smoking is also said to cause, gingivitis, COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease) and even Asthma. There are many smokers who realize the ill effects of smoking, but find it very difficult to quit the habit.

For those looking to quit smoking, and have tried every product in the market including nicotine patches, nicotine gums etc, but failed, there’s a new and healthy alternative to smoking – Electric cigarettes. The electric cigarette looks exactly like a normal cigarette and provides inhaled doses of nicotine. With an electric cigarette, you can also produce a vapor, but this is water vapor as opposed to the tobacco smoke.

“Electric smoking is the best alternative to smoking tobacco. Because they look and feel like a real cigarette, e-cigarettes give smokers the satisfaction of holding a cigarette and breathing smoke in and out” says, Mr. John Rix, of stop, a website that’s dedicated to encourage people to quit smoking naturally.

So if you are wondering how to quit smoking, electric smoking is probably the best option. These e-cigarettes have cartridges of vapor nicotine that’s plugged in the end. This allows you to actually have the sensation of smoking without the harmful tobacco. You could choose the strength of the tobacco (which varies from strong, medium and low) depending on your addiction to the dreaded habit.

Rather than having to smoke your health and money, you could go in for a healthier option with e-cigarettes. “There are a number of celebrities who have opted for the electric cigarette. Katherine Heigl, for example appeared on The Late Show with David Letterman a few weeks ago, with an electric cigarette. She has been trying to quit smoking for years now, and electric smoking she says, has helped her a lot in this mission.

“As these do not affect passive smokers, the way real cigarettes do, you could light up a cigarette, anywhere and everywhere, restaurants, bars, airplanes, offices and homes…just about anywhere. Besides, there’s no tar, carbon monoxide, or tobacco or the thousands of chemicals that a regular tobacco cigarette has” adds Mr.John Rix.

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