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E Cigarette Strides Over Smoking Ban Once Again

nature of e cigs
E cigarette smoking has allowed several smoking enthusiasts from across the globe to relish a tobacco free smoking experience. Nonetheless, the fact remains that a certain section of the society, which apparently is ruled by the tobacco lobby have been trying to put a shop to these seemingly unstoppable smoke free devices.

In a bizarre turn of events, it was ascertained that despite having official and financial support, tobacco lobbyists failed to put electronic cigarettes in shackles. Apparently, the clean and fair nature of e cigs always came to their rescue in the time of crisis.

The smoking ban is applicable on regular cigarettes only. The main reason why this ban came into existence in several countries is because the smoke which emits from a tobacco cigarette is extremely harmful for the human body. It contains several thousands carcinogens, of which over 67 have been identified as cancer causing.

Besides, each year in the United States alone, over 5 million people were dying from tobacco smoke. This number included a large contingent of innocent passive smokers as well. This is undoubtedly alarming. Besides, the deadly carbon dioxide gas which emitted from tobacco cigarettes fueled poison in the atmosphere, thereby aggravating the already catastrophic situation of global warming.

When health issues related to tobacco smoke started to rise, smokers as well as non smokers ached for a solution. This apparently led to the introduction of nicotine patches and gum. Alas, their effects were limited. This led to further research and finally, electronic cigarettes were introduced. They were smoke free, did not contain tobacco, and were cheaper than regular cigarettes.

They are definitely a suitable alternative to regular cigarettes. Although certain sections of the society tried to impose a ban on e cigs, they failed as legally these devices were free to be smoked in public places. Besides, the general public was aware of the benefits of smoking e cigs as compared to the dangers of smoking regular ones. This helped in allowing electric cigarettes to tide over the proposed smoking ban in public places on more than a single occasion.

So apparently, if you wish to be free from the diseases caused by the toxic tobacco smoke, de-addiction experts recommend electronic cigarettes to chain smokers instead of the regular ones.

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