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E Cigarette Industry Soars High in the Market Expresses

E Cigarette Industry
Since the conception of electronic cigarettes in the US the company is witnessing tremendous growth and will continue to do the same in recent years say experts. With the rising popularity and demand of e cigarette amongst smokers, the popularity can also be seen among various other institutions. Wells Fargo, a financial institute, made a survey according to which e cigarette might have an active prospect in the tobacco industry.

The survey has revealed that 73.1% of the respondents believing that e cigarettes are not simply a craze, but a lasting trend, similar to the trends. Many retailers have claimed that the sales in the market have shot up because of piling electric cigarette and related products in the respective stores. According to the survey around 2.5 million people use electric cigarette around the world. The users have emerged and made the right decision to make the switch say experts. The retailers and shop owners are glad that people are fast adapting to the change and swapping to e cigarettes and the industry is set to boom. According to the reports, amongst the e cigarette distribution channel, conventional stores stops the chart by showing around 56 percent of sales whereas tobacco shops and online market manages only up to 20 percent of sales.

As per various brands have mushroomed in the past offering one of the best e cigarette products to the smokers. Top brands such as V2 Cigs, South Beach Smoke, Green Smoke and a host of other brands reviews The Safe Cig has been responsible for the introduction of electronic cigarettes in the US say experts. All the brands offer extra ordinary e smoking experience to a smoker. A smoker cannot feel the difference between smoking an e cig or a traditional cigarette because the sensation and taste is the same says e cigarette reviews.

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