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E-Cigarette Company Reaches Social Media Milestone

E-Cigarette Company
South Beach Smoke, an electronic cigarette company, recently acquired over 3,000 followers on Facebook. This number makes them one of the leading e-cigarette companies in terms of Facebook followers. Their Facebook community has grown exponentially since launching their Facebook Fan Page only seven-months ago. The company commented on their accomplishment by stating, “We are proud to have such a large number of Facebook followers and believe Facebook is an invaluable tool for reaching and understanding our customers on a personal level”.
South Beach Smoke frequently runs promotions through their fan page and awards all new members with a 15% discount just for joining. They have also run numerous contests such as the “Like Contest”, “Video Contest”, “Picture Contest” and are currently running a “Story Contest”. Winners receive prizes ranging from coupon codes and gift certificates to free e-cigarette starter kits and a month supply of cartridges. The promotions and contests, “…encourage customers to share experiences by rewarding them with great discounts and prizes” according to South Beach Smoke.
South Beach Smoke also uses Facebook for customer service purposes, frequently fielding questions about their product and helping customers with any problems. Quick and friendly responses have made South Beach Smoke’s fan page much more popular with customers and prospective customers alike. South Beach Smoke plans on providing its customers with the same quality service through Facebook in the future and have even greater plans for promotions and contests.
Facebook is not the only social media South Beach Smoke has seen success through; they also have a YouTube channel which has achieved over 55,000 views. The most popular video on the channel, “The South Beach Smoke Electronic Cigarette – Clearly the Better Choice” has received over 30,000 views on its own. Their YouTube Channel has promotional videos, customer testimonials, instructional videos and more.

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