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Cops Crack Down on Underage Tobacco Sales

Underage Tobacco Sales
After receiving several complaints from residents, Evergreen Park Police cracked down on gas station employees who were reportedly selling tobacco to minors.

According to reports, workers at Citgo gas station, 3601 W. 95th Street, had been selling tobacco to underage customers. After hearing of the complaints several times, police set up surveillance, reports said. As police saw kids buying from the gas station on May 8 around 5 p.m., officers stopped them as they exited and got a description of two sales clerks: Muhammad Sarwar, 48, of Skokie and Muhammad Aswaduddin, 34, of Oak Lawn.

“In some cases they were selling cigarettes for $.50 a piece,” police said. The juveniles who bought tobacco products were issued citations for possession of tobacco products by minors, according to police.

Sarwar and Aswaduddin were both charged with sale of tobacco products to minors.

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