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Cohiba Behike On Sale, Named Best Cigar Ever

February 7th, 2011 Posted in Cigars Buy cheap cigarettes online Tags:

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In an effort to promote Cuba’s Cohiba Behike cigar, many online retailers outside the United States have put cigars on huge discounts in hopes of luring more consumers to these fine specimens of handmade specimens.
For many Americans, Cuban cigars are a forbidden treasure. With an embargo on Cuban travel and products stemming from the 1960s, lighting up one of the world’s best cigars in the world has been experienced by only those Americans who have skirted the system or traveled to Canada to purchase them. For the rest of the world, Cuban cigars are purchased just as any other cigar.

Lucky for them.

With news of Cuba’s Cohiba Behike marked as the No.1 cigar in the world, many outlets outside if the United States have begun marketing campaigns to help get the word out of this delicious tobacco product. Most Cuban cigars, especially the Cohiba Behike can cost upwards of 50 Euros each. A price that may leave some to second guess who much flavor they really need after this weekend’s football match-ups.

Cohiba Behike BHK 52 came in at No.1 in Cigar Aficionado magazine’s annual list of the best cigars in 2010.

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