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Cigarettes pulled from shelves in pharmacies

Cigarettes pulled
One drug will no longer be on Springfield pharmacy shelves. That’s nicotine, at least in tobacco form. It’s a move to separate the good from the bad.

The Springfield public health council voted to ban tobacco sales in drug stores and grocery stores with pharmacies in them. Kerri Dowd says, “I think it’s a great idea you have the cigarettes which are bad for you then you have your vitamins and your medicines which you’re going to pick up and who needs that, who really needs that, children don’t need to see it either.”

Stores with pharmacies have 60 days to take cigarettes off their shelves or face up to a 300 dollar fine.

“Of course not everyone is for the proposal, many smokers told us off camera that since cigarettes are legal why not have that added convenience.”

Several communities including Boston and Worcester have already banned cigarettes in pharmacies.

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