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Cigarette Butts Litter Forsyth Park Playground

Cigarette Butts Litter
Look at this unpleasant and unsanitary mess we found at Forsyth Park.
The play site is covered with cigarette butts.
It’s one reason why these moms moved their exercise routine to another location in the park.
“I don’t want someone else’s cigarette butt that they’ve had their mouth on with rat poison or whatevers in nicotine to go in my child. It’s not what I would want and it’s a public place, says Blair Murray
Smoking is allowed in the park, but you must keep your distance.
The law says smokers cannot light up within ten feet of an outdoor playground.
So what’s the deal? is the city cleaning the park?
Digging deeper I called the man in charge to take a look for himself.
“Are you concerned about the health of the children who play here? I wouldn’t want my children playing around cigarettes these butts. So obviously we’re gonna get those cleaned up as soon as we can,” says Leisure Services Bureau Chief Joe Shearouse
This is not the first time discarded cigarettes have littered this playground.
A caller to the city’s 311 service center recently complained about the cigarette butts.
My call forced action.
“Now what we’ll do is we’ll order some mulch and we’ll re-mulch it. That will take 2 or 3 weeks before we can get it done.
I think we need to look at how the cigarette butts are getting in there whether they’re being blown into the playground when we’re blowing leaves.”
No matter how you look at it people come to enjoy the park and not worry about ingesting dangerous chemicals.
“What we’re gonna do we’re gonna put up some signs that say it’s illegal. City ordinance says you can’t smoke in a playground or adjacent to a playground.”
Anyone caught smoking in a prohibited area you will face a fine of up to $100.
We’re told smoker poles have been placed in most city squares for people to dispose of their cigarettes butts.
If you see cigarette butts in any city park call the 311 service center.

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