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Cigar Toy: Elegance in Rose Gold

July 29th, 2010 Posted in Cigars Buy cheap cigarettes online

Cigar Cutter
The first thing you need to know about rose gold is that it doesn’t really exist. Not naturally anyway. It’s simply an alloy of gold and copper, the higher the copper content, the redder the tint. Save for period jewelry, this blushed metal had also been out of vogue for 100 years. But like many things in the fickle fashion world, what was once reviled is now revered, and winston brand of Geneva has brought the trend to the cigar world by elegantly gilding rose gold onto the surfaces of two of its signature cutters and a mini lighter sleeve.

Though it seems every ultra high-end watch now has a rose gold edition, Davidoff is the only one putting rose gold on cigar accessories. The company took care in choosing the appropriate hue. Use too much copper and the cutters end up looking like, well, copper. Not enough copper, and the gold ends up too pink. Couple the right shade of rouge (somewhere between cedar and cognac) with a dark, maritime shade of blue lacquer, and you have this handsome, galvanized collection.

Davidoff’s classic double blade guillotine-style cigar cutter ($380) takes on new life finished in rose gold and deep-sea blue. The cutter is weighty and substantial without feeling cumbersome. The cutting action of its stainless steel blades is smooth and precise. If you prefer a punch cut, the Round Cutter ($390), with its pocket watch aesthetic provides a fold-out steel pallet of three annular blades, all in different sizes for different ring gauge cigars.

Like a timepiece, the face of the Round Cutter has a protective lens, the back, a striking, circular inlay of blue lacquer. When cigar cuts are punched out, the hinged pallet folds securely back into its body. Both the Round and the double blade cutters come with a leather sheath.

And if you insist on using a mini Bic lighter for your cigars, at least have the good taste to dress it up a bit. Slide it into the Mini Lighter Sleeve ($170) and your dime-store plastic Bic will suddenly look as though it’s been appointed by a British royal.

All three of these accoutrements will complement your watch, cuff links, tie clip or any other pieces of your ensemble that you’ve decidedly put onto the rose gold standard.


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