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Cigar lovers should be able to enjoy indoors

August 19th, 2011 Posted in Cigars Buy cheap cigarettes online Tags:

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Let’s call tobacco smokers for what they are: addicts [“Let afficionados enjoy their stogies,” Opinion, Aug. 16].

This addiction has real consequences with more than 443,000 Americans (more than 18 percent of all deaths) who die each year due to smoking. Between 33 and 50 percent of all smokers will die an average of 15 years sooner than nonsmokers. Smoking also steals 10 years of physical functioning in old age, and causes more death and disability than any single disease.

There is a damn good reason smoking has been heavily regulated in recent years. These are not totalitarian pieces of legislation; these are laws to protect the public from known cancer-causing agents.

It is foolhardy to believe that cigar smokers are in a separate elite “afficionados” class. Addiction is addiction, whether you are smoking cigarettes or cigars.

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